Laboratory of Basic Science

Physics Lab

Practical physics bears more significance than the theoretical aspect. In our lab we deal with thermal, optical and electrical physics. We provide 35 students at a time to perform experiments. Separate dark room is there for optical experiments. The laboratory consists of automatic time and oscillations counter, digital microbalance thermal analyzer, ultrasonic Intropherometer, Magnetic particle tester, Eddy Current tester, Stein Analyzer with data acquisition system, Thermo luminescence System and Monochromatic photo multiplier etc. Instruments are bought from manufacturers of national repute..

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory is meant for engineering experiments related to chemistry.The department of chemistry possesses excellent facilities and test equipments and  is focusing on Volumetric Analysis, Colorimetric and Spectrophotometer, pHmetry.The chemistry Lab is well designed with various equipments including series of pHMeter, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Chromatography, Pensky_Marten’s Redwood viscometer apparatus etc. Chemistry Lab of EATM is one of the best lab in eastern region.

Communicative English Lab

. English language lab, a fully computerized lab with 35 no. of latest configuration computers along with a server loaded with Globarina software and LCD projector, is designed for 1st year (language practice and communication exercise) and Second year (corporate readiness) curriculum. Every student is given equal chance to adopt standard form of spoken English following the experts from the software. The audio visual unit of this lab makes the work easy for demonstration and elucidation of different sounds.

Environmental Engineering Lab

Environmental pollution is a burning global issue. Water pollution, Air pollution, Noise pollution, soil pollution etc. are to be understood by assessing the quality of the pollutant. The UG student’s experiment on the quality of pollutants is essential. Environmental Engineering Lab of EATM is fully equipped with equipments for the qualitative analysis of water to evaluate the fitness as per BIS standards. Waste water analysis is also carried out in this lab. It is one of the promising lab in the state.