Laboratory of Civil Engineering

Surveying Lab

Surveying lab is one of the basic civil engineering lab and deals with the study of vertical and horizontal points on or above the datum surface. Different types of standard instruments like Chains, Compass, Plane Table, Dumpy Level and Theodolites in adequate number are available. This lab is mostly used by the second year students of Civil Engineering.

Concrete and Structural Engineering lab

Concrete and Structural Engineering lab is the core engineering lab of the department. The lab is a fully developed one which helps the students in doing different experiments like determining the compaction factor, calculating the Split Tensile Strength of concrete, Determination of axial stress, longitudinal strain, and Design of Concrete Mix etc.. using different types of instruments available in the lab e.g. Slump Cone, Flow Table, Cube Mould, Lee-Chatelier’s Apparatus, Compressive Strength Machine, different types of Sieve and Others.

Geo Tech engineering lab

The Geo Tech engineering lab is one of the most well equipped labs of the department. This lab is mostly used by the pre final year students for carrying out different types of experiments like Determination of specific gravity of soil grains , Determination of Atterberg limits of soil , Determination of Density – Water content relationship of soil.  and Determination of shear strength parameters of soil etc.. with the help of following instruments like Casagrande’s apparatus, CBR Machine, Pycnometer, Core Cutter, All size IS- sieves which are available in adequate numbers as per the BPUT curriculum

Transportation engineering lab

Transportation engineering (TE) lab is the spacious one and is one of the promising labs of the department.  It helps the students of civil engineering in determining Impact Values, Ductility, Crushing Strength and Void Ratio of aggregates and Penetration of bitumen for pavements by using various standard international level instruments available in the departmental lab like  Penetrometer, VEE-BEE Consistometer, Abration Machine, Impact Load Machine of latest models.