Central Library

The institute is having excellent e-library that serves as knowledge warehouse dedicated to the teachers and the students of the college. This knowledge center maintains more than 15000 numbers of Text and reference books, more than 50 national and international journals, 30 periodicals and all types of newspaper.


  • The library provides numerous e-documents and video courses that have been prepared by the reputed academicians.
  • It also provides access to substantial records of books and articles published in international journals including intra library LAN services through DELNET
  • Encyclopedias also enrich the library.
  • OPEN ACCESS system.
  • Institutional member of DELENT and INDEST Consortium, New Delhi.
  • Digital Library supported by NPTEL (web based course materials).
  • Book Bank facilities are set up to meet the requirement of the needy students.
  • Required books are being added from time to time to keep the library updated.