Laboratory of Computer Science & Engineering

C & Data Structure Lab  

C and data structure lab are spatial and well equipped with latest configuration of HP & Dell systems. It provides a wide approach in programming languages. The experiments are conducted in windows as well as in Linux platform.Though c programming and data structure are the basic of programming language, the labs are kept open beyond the college hours in order to facilitate the students in getting proficient with C and DS experiments in their free time which enables them in improving their programming efficiency.

C++ and Java Lab

C++ and Java are object oriented programming languages. Our lab provides Turbo  and Borland softwares for C++ programming. In JAVA lab, students are given exposure to learning basic HTML and creating WebPages using JAVA Script with application to applets. Hands-on experience with designing, editing, compiling, and executing programming constructs and applications including special examples on Multithreading concept are carried out under the supervision of the faculty members and lab instructors. 

Computer Organization & Architecture Lab

The Objective of this lab is to expose the students to various key aspects of Computer Organization &Architecture. Computer Organization and Architecture happens to be a Core Course. Also the lab is well equipped with different instruments procured from top national level manufacturers, like Printer Trainer Kit, Motherboard Trainer Kit, SMPS Trainer Kit etc., where students get to learn about assembling dissembling and organizing system hardware.

Software Engineering Lab

Software engineering lab of the department is mostly used by the final year B.Tech students of Computer and allied branches especially for Design and implementation of large, complex software systems which involves multiple aspects of CSE curriculum including research projects. In SE lab emphasis is given on software system design using CASE tool.  Expert lab instructors with knowledge of CASE tool are available with the department who helps the students in designing and developing Unified modeling language (UML) diagrams including software development life cycle and testing.

Operating System Lab

OS lab of CSE department is one of the most sophisticated labs of the Institution. This lab is equipped with high end HP configuration systems which are loaded with different types of OS e.g. Windows 7, LINUX etc. In this lab Students are given practical exposure to systems programming including installations of operating Systems.This lab is very much useful in understanding the concepts of Process Synchronization, Deadlock and Inter process communication by implementing the concepts using experimental techniques.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab

Design and analysis of algorithms (DAA) lab is basically used by the 2nd and pre final year students. In this lab the students are given exposure to Design and analysis of efficient algorithms with emphasis of nonnumeric algorithms such as sorting, searching, pattern matching, graph and network algorithms. Also the students learn about Measuring complexity of algorithms like time and space complexity including NP-complete problems.


This lab introduces basics of computer networks to the students. Students are given exposure to different experiments like client server 2-tier and 3-tier architecture, different protocols like stop and wait, go & back etc. Also the lab is equipped with different types of trainer kits and simulation software like LAN trainer kit, Ethernet connection kit and NS-2 which helps the students in gaining knowledge about networking and data communication.