Laboratory of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Basic electronics Lab

This is the entry level laboratory in which students are introduced with different Electronics components and basic circuits. In this Laboratory, the characteristics of various semi-conductor devices like diodes, BJTs, UJT, FETs, etc., are experimentally studied.The students carry out their experiments in bread boards using discrete components along with trainer kits. Well designed laboratory manual / instruction sheets are provided to students at the beginning of the session.Laboratory is maintained and conducted by well trained technical supporting staff under the supervision of the faculty members.

Analog / Digital electronics Lab

This laboratory introduces students to practical circuit design and contributes significantly to provide them with engineering skills. The lab is fully equipped with latest test and measuring instruments which includes DSO, CRO, Logic Analyzer, Pulse generators, Function Generators, Analog and Digital IC Tester and Digital Multi-meters. Also the experiments are practiced by the students using simulation model of different circuits with the help of latest configuration computers and design software like PsPice, VeriLog, ORCARD etc..

Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab

This lab enables the students to gain experience on the programming concepts based on microprocessors. In this lab the major equipment includes microprocessors kits, Oscilloscopes, Computer terminals, Function generators.

Communication engineering Lab

In this lab Modulation Techniques like AM, FM, PM and Detection Methods and designing of different communication circuits are experimentally studied. The major equipment in this lab includes modulation and demodulation trainer kits, function and pulse generators, Digital storage oscilloscopes. programming concepts based on digital signal processing. In this lab the major equipment includes TMS processors, DSP kits, MATLAB Software, Computer Terminals.