Electrical Engineering

The branch of Electrical engineering deals with the practical application of theory of electricity to the construction of machinery, power supply etc. It specializes in the design, construction & practical uses of electrical system. The department of Electrical Engineering of EATM is perked with state-of-the-art equipments and is considered as one of the dynamic branch of the Institution with most advanced and well equipped laboratories. New equipments are incorporated in the laboratory from time to time which provides additional exposure to the students with latest technology. The department also takes pride with a good spectrum of well qualified faculty members having M.Tech. backgrounds, who apart from teaching are also involved in research to enhance the knowledge base in their relevant fields of work. This aims at alleviating the “industry ignorance level” of the students, so that the students will be able to use their knowledge in different industries e.g. Power Plant, Power Transmission & Distribution, Steel Plant & Other Process Control Industries. The faculty members of Electrical Department are always busy in the all round development of the students. This department grew with time reflecting the needs of a changing society and established new eras of teaching and research. Starting with an intake capacity of 60, the Department of Electrical Engineering is now catering to the growing need of 120 students.