Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering

Workshop Practice

This laboratory introduces students of all branches in the first year to various workshop practices that contributes significantly to provide them with engineering skills.The Department's workshops include well-equipped machine shop, sheet metal, and welding shop. The machine shop is equipped with various lathes: turret lathes, milling machines, drilling machine, shaper; and grinding machines, including tool surface and cylindrical grinders. The welding shop has a number of arc and gas welders including TIG and MIG welding sets. These shops are available for use by students and staff under supervision.

Mechanical Enginnering Lab 

This is the entry level laboratory in which students are introduced with different mechanical enginnering working principles involved in which they Study about valve timing and port timing diagrams of petrol and diesel engines are done in this laboratory. The Laboratory is equipped with apparatus to assess the performance of Venturimeter, Orifice meter, Bourdon tube pressure gauge, Meta centric height of a ship model, Coplanar forces apparatus, Moment of inertia of fly wheel  .

Material testing and Hydraulic machine Lab

This laboratory introduces students with various types hydraulic and material testing machines. The students will gain the knowledge regarding performance of the hydraulic systems by drawing the characteristic curves. They will be able to identify a turbine or a pump by its working principles and classifications of hydraulic machines and can identify the frictional losses in flow through pipes. They can identify the difference between flow meters Venturimeter and orifice meter and also between pumps and turbines.

Production & IC Engine Lab

To demonstrate and perform basic principles like carrying out load test on horizontal and vertical diesel engines, to prepare a heat balance sheet for a twin cylinder diesel engine, to determine friction power in four cylinder petrol engine by conducting Morse test, to determine volumetric , isothermal and adiabatic efficiencies of two stage reciprocating air compressor. Here in this lab the students can also measure the toughest roughness test by using “SURFACE ROUGHNESS TESTER”, calibration of slip gauges by using sine bar, cutting force analysis by lathe tool dynamometer and drill tool dynamometer.

Manufacturing Shop & Fabrication Practice Lab

To demonstrate basic knowledge of manufacturing technology by understanding mechanics of metal cutting which includes chip formation and types of chips, tool materials ,geometry and signatures , tool wear and life, cutting forces and power, measurement of forces and temperatures, metal cutting economics, lathes operations and mechanisms and types of lathe machines and also their applications, boring machine and operations, shaper, planner and slotter, types, operations and mechanisms, drill geometry and cutting actions.