Einstein Academy of Technology And Management, an ISO 9001-2008 Degree Engineering College runs under the auspices of Udayanath Educational & Charitable Trust, Bhubaneswar which is spread over 25 acres of lush green land amidst picturesque surrounding that adds spice to the scenic beauty and create a tranquil atmosphere at Baniatangi, Khurdha which is 25 kilometer pleasant drive from Baramunda.
The aesthetically designed edifice with eximious infrastructure, dedicated and ebullient faculty members. Einstein Academy has epitomized itself as the flagship among all emerging engineering colleges and carved a niche for itself as a modern day Gurukul. 
VISION: Our Central Library as a dynamic center of academic study. The preferred providers of learning and research information delivered in the best user-friendly and service-oriented manner.
MISSION: The Central Library advances scholarship and teaching by committing itself to the creation, application, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.
OBJECTIVES OF CENTRAL LIBRARY: The objectives of the library are to Provide guidance and aid to the students in their use of the library's resources. Promote through the facility the continued self-development of the public in the direction of cultural, creative, educational and recreational goals.
Message of Librarian:
 Welcome to the Einstein Academic of Technology &Management, Central Library. The aim of the Library is to provide the most effective lending, references, proactive, current awareness and information provision services according to present and future needs of the users. Also our Library provides to maintain and develop access to EATM collections as a research resource for the students, staff and research community.
The library supports the academic program’s of our college through collections and services, which enable the students and the faculty to access, update their knowledge and information resources. This support empowers our customers to develop the information and technological competencies necessary to achieve their educational, research and professional goals. This enables them to succeed in the workforce and apply lifelong learning skills. In coming years, library will be delivering much more user-focused and technologically sophisticated services, designed to meet the contemporary information needs of the students and the staff. 
Rules and Regulation of Central Library:
General rules for Library
 1. Regular working hours: 9.00am to 8.00pm.
 2. Access to the Institute library is restricted to staff, students and authorized persons only.
 3. Personal belongings (except papers and notebooks) should be kept at property counter.
 4. Polythene bags, reticules, umbrellas, raincoats etc are not allowed into the library.
 5. One must sign in the entry register while entering in to the library.
 6. Entrants must maintain silence within library premises.
 7. Bad habits i.e. smoking, sleeping, gossiping, murmuring and spitting are strictly prohibited inside the library rather in the college campus.
 8. The use of mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited. Phones should either be kept Switched off or in silence mode.
 9. The circulation counter remains open throughout the working hours.
10. No one shall cause any damage or make any mark to any book, manuscript, periodicals, magazines, journals or any other belongings of the library.
11. One shall be responsible for any damage done by himself/herself to the belongings of the library.
12. One can issue the library books with his/her own library card.
13. Everyone must ensure that the reference materials have to be returned accordingly before leaving the library.
14. Reference section is strictly not allowed for group studies.
15. After appearing the semester Examinations, Student must return their issued books to the library as per notification by central library , otherwise fine will be imposed on them of Rs2/book/day.
16. All borrowers shall secure a “No dues Certificate” from the library, at the end of their studies in the college.
Library Timing:- 
Monday -Saturday
9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Library Remain closed on:
Sunday and other holidays
Circulation Timings(Issue/Return/Renew)
9.45am to 4.00 pm (Monday-Saturday)
The timings and days of operation shall be changes as per the need of the Institution
The students, faculty & staff are the members of the Central library with due permission from the Principal. The users are provided with the IDENTITY-CUM-LIBRARY card from the Central Library after submitting prescribed filled up Performa .The visitors may be allowed to access only reference section with the written prior permission of the Principal.
Circulation : (Issue, Return & Renewal)
The members of the central library are allowed to avail the circulation facilities as per the rules mentioned in the table.
4 Books
30 days
5 Books
14 days
5 Books
14 days
4 Books
180 days
2 Books
180 Days
  1. Overdue charges of Rs.2.00 per working day will be charged against each book which is not returned within the due date.
  2. Issued books may be renewed up to one time provided there is no demand for it.
  3. A book may be recalled before the due date if required by the Library. Failure to respond promptly may lead to suspension of library privileges.
  4. Certain books are intended to be used only in the reference section of the library. These include reference books, textbooks, rare books, current & bound periodicals etc.
  5. The Users are requested to check if the documents being borrowed are complete and no pages are missing in it. In case of defect or damage in the book, it should be brought to the notice of the library staff.
  6. The Users are responsible for the documents they borrow. Documents lost, torn or damaged (tearing of pages, underlining, making notes, damaging of binding and the like) shall attract serious action including suspension of membership and/or replacement of documents concern. The lost/damaged document shall be replaced by the borrower with the latest edition otherwise three times cost of the book is to be charged.
  7. Books will be issued to the members only on producing the Library card.
  8. Books will not be issued to members on the Library card of others.
  9. Books will be issued subject to availability only.
  10. In special cases the librarian may authorize the issue of any document.
  11. Newly arrived documents shall be displayed in the new arrival shelves for a certain period.
  12. While leaving the library, user should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  13. During power/system failure the circulation counter services will be temporarily suspended.
  14.  OPAC/WEBOPAC ( Online Public Access Catalogue) facility provided to search books, journals, cds, & patron information.
The Open access system has operated in the Reference
  1. Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the Reading Room.
  2. Cell Phone to be switched off and deposit in the property counter of the Library
  3. Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books again inside the reading room.
  4. The students are allowed inside the reading rooms on production of valid Identity cum Library card only.
  5. The students are bound to sign in the Gate register at the time of entering and leaving the reading rooms.
  6. One can use as many as books/periodicals as per his/her requirements by issuing temporarily and also can make photocopies of it from the Library Xerox section.
  7. Reference books, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals should not be taken out.
  8. No personal belongings except notebooks and pen/pencils are allowed to the reading rooms.
  9. The students  are advised not to leave cell phones, purse, money, credit card and other valuables in the handbag in the property counter. These items are liable to be lost.
  10. Students   are advised to keep their personal books and other study materials in the property counter .
  1. The users are strictly instructed to entry into the E-Library with the valid Identity-cum-Library Card.
  2. The users have to put their signature in the Usage Register at the entrance.
  3. Each user at a stretch is allowed to seat for an hour.
  4. Use of Mobile Phones or any personal gadgets  are strictly prohibited.
  5. The users are not allowed to change any computer system settings.
  6. Access to unauthorized websites are strictly prohibited.
  7. E-library is to access e-resources such as E- databases , institutional repositories etc.
  8. The users are allowed to download e-resources from the full-text databases and attach in the mail or printout the photocopy.
  9. The CD/DVDs’ are strictly meant to use inside the E-library. These are not allowed to take or issue from the library.
  10. All Users are advised to follow the guidelines instructed by the library professionals.
Students can make photocopies of any documents on payment basis Rs.1/ per copy and printing on payment Rs.1.50 /per copy.
  1. Reference
  2. Circulation
  3. E-sources (E-books, Journals and magazines etc.)
  4. E-Library Services (Delnet)
  5. OPAC /Web OPAC service
  6. News clippings
  7. New arrivals
  8. Reprographic
  9. Inter Library Loan
  10. Document Lending Services
  11. Referral
  12. CD/DVD database search
Open courseware:-
  1. http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm
  2. http://online.stanford.edu/courses
  3. http://freevideolectures.com//index.htm
  4. http://freevideolectures.com/blog/2010/11/130-nptel-iit-online-courses//index.htm
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  9. http://nptelvideos.com//index.htm
Library Team:-
The Central Library is managed by a group of qualified professional staffs headed by a Librarian.
E-Mail ID
Mr.Amin Rout
Mr.Santosh Kumar Rath
Mr.Sumanta Parida
Library Attendant.